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Lincoln National Life’s Latest Video Is About a Ugliest Thing You’ll See

Lincoln National Life Insurance Co.’s newest video has a simple question: How many babies does a local dingo eat a day? The answer: more than 600, the insurance company reported Thursday.

The company’s Malawi-based subsidiary was quick to add that the last 500 are protected for life, which the company probably expected to hear. The insurance provider was in the early stages of the video when the infant eating trend began getting viral. But even a few days into that trend, the company saw an uptick in births and high newborn mortality.

The little people bit has picked up a little viral momentum in the U.S. One YouTube commenter summed up many opinions with, “As if the evil dingo doesn’t get enough attention already!”

Lincoln Financial also seems to have a really gnarly tail. Watch the video and you’ll be having fun at the company’s expense and asking yourself some questions about health insurance. And you’ll be Googling the how many babies does a dingo eat a day? Even this may seem a bit much. We think the man has slipped into the groove.

Photo: Lincoln Financial, Beth Lupton.