On November 26, 2019, I replied to Stixil’s Twitter account with this picture:

This was the tweet that started it all. For 366 days, I’ve been consistently terrorizing a gay traffic cone with a picture of ketchup flavoured Lay’s Stix.

I never thought that something as silly as this could become so popular, or go on for this long. But I guess if you do something for this long with this amount of dedication, people will notice.

As a celebration, I decided to download every single tweet where I terrorized Stixil with Stix, and do some analysis on them.


Overall, I have terrorized Stix with Stix 1106 times, for 1 year, or 366 days, meaning on average, I terrorized Stix with Stix 3 times every day. That’s a lot of terrorism.

The most likes I got for a terrorism was 60, the least is 0 (obviously), which I got for a total of 228 of my tweets. Retweets were even more rare, with only 24 of my tweets getting retweeted once, and only one of my tweets received 2 retweets, which is a video of an absolute abomination, for which you can thank blame @GiraffeicsIF.

Most times, I tweeted from my Android phone (1084 times), but sometimes I’d tweet from my web browser (22 times).

Strangely, none of my tweets were marked as “possibly sensitive” for certain audiences. I don’t know to be happy or disappointed about that.

None of my tweets had location, except for one.

Most of my tweets Twitter correctly identified as being in English, but there were some exceptions. In one case, Twitter thought I was writing Finnish , in other cases I was apparently writing French, Hindi, Haitian, and Tagalog.

In two cases Twitter thought I was writing Polish, but actually, yeah I was actually writing Polish.

Now comes the FAQ, which stands for questions you either you asked once, didn’t know you wanted to ask, or never asked.


Q: Did you ever miss a day?
A: Yes, 34 of them, to be exact. I’ve been consistent until February 15, which was the first day I missed a terrorism. Then there is a 4 day skip between February 26 and 29. The longest skip was March 1 to 8, but after that there were only single-day skips, with the exception of October 15-16.

Q: Are you sponsored?
A: No, I am not sponsored by any company to do this.

Q: Why didn’t you use a bot?
A: There are multiple reasons.

  1. I didn’t want to reply to every tweet, only the funny/not serious ones.
  2. I wanted to add a bit of personal touch to some of the tweets, like a different text or image.
  3. I wouldn’t be praised for being dedicated, would I?

Q: With the amount of Stix bags you’ve sent to Stixil Fox, what is the biggest well-known structure (e.x. golden gate bridge) you can make with them?
A: First of all, yes, this is a question I actually got asked. When I responded to that I made two mistakes: first, my estimation was way off, I actually sent about 655 bags of Stix the time I tweeted that. But I was also wrong about the weight: a bag of Stix is actually 70 grams, not 140. So the weight I have to work with is actually 46 kilograms, or in imperial units, 655 bags of chips. But my answer is still correct, in that I could build a child, meaning I made 2 mistakes and they somehow cancelled each other out.

Today I have sent 1106 bags of Stix, meaning the weight of that is about 77 kilograms. So I can re-create a human, or more specifically, a statue of a human, which gives me a lot of options. I could make David, add another statue to Easter Island , or another member to the Terracotta Army.

Q: Will you keep going?

The people have spoken, and said that I should keep going.


I analyzed the data by getting an offline copy of all the tweets on September 24. After that, I used a simple script to get the info on new tweets. I ran it usually every day, and usually not after I tweeted. Because of this, the like/retweet, and any other info that can change after tweeting, can be, and on many of my tweets is, inaccurate.

You can download the data from here

Happy Stixiversary thanksgiving Stixgiving!